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How to Contact Us with Books to Sell

You may telephone us at 937-294-0253 from 10am to 5pm Eastern time Monday-Friday. Or fill out the handy e-mail form below.

Description of Books for Sale
Please answer the following questions if possible:

  1. Approximately how many books do you have for sale? Hundreds, thousands? How many bookcases (or boxes) do they fill?
  2. What is the subject matter of the books? Please try to be specific...don't say "old history books" when you can say "old books on the Civil War".
  3. Are the books in good condition? Where have they been stored? Do they still have the paper dustjackets?
  4. Where did these books come from? Did someone actually collect books or were these accumulated by chance over the years?


City and State Where Books are Located

Telephone Number (We prefer to call during the day if possible)

E-mail Address

Note: Above information must be filled out. We do not respond to blank emails. We regret we are unable to reply with specific values of individual books.

How We Buy Books
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